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Bariatric Surgery Options in Mexico

Diabetes and other diseases associated with obesity is rampant throughout the world. Obesity is prevalent in most developed countries and in some places you might not expect. There is also a social stigma attached to obesity that profoundly affects the obese person’s life; airlines charge double seats, their sex lives are affected and even their relationship with their kids. Globalization has brought the so called the “Western diet,” high in saturated fats, sugar and refined foods. Processed meals and soft drinks have replaced fresh foods. Media, flooded with ads for the new Western diet,  give population the temptation to eat badly. And not to mention the lack of exercise. Bariatric and Metabolic surgery, like gastric sleeve and bypass, offers permanent solution to obesity and the resulted problems comparing to lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) and pharmacotherapy.

Start living a healthier life today. For help in deciding which procedure is right for you, you are invited to contact us to learn more. Their skilled weight loss staff has helped many people, just like you, succeed in losing weight. Below are various weight loss surgeries offered in Mexico:

Weight Loss Surgery Options in Mexico

Vertical Gastric Gastrectomy (VSG)

Gastric Sleeve

Long narrow vertical pouch (about 3-4 oz or 60-100 cc) is created laparoscopically by removing roughly 80% of the stomach. Same shape as the duodenal switch pouch but smaller. The majority of hunger hormones are removed as well.  Patient’s set-point (neuro-hormonal) is changed after surgery.

No intestinal bypass is required. The patient does not get hungry as much and gets full faster. The vertical sleeve gastrectomy significantly restricts the volume of food that can be eaten thus allow patients to eat less calories. Gastric Sleeve is a permanent solution that is quickly growing in demand.

Gastric Band (Lap-Band®)


The Lap-Band is an adjustable silicone ring (implant) that is placed around the top part of the stomach creating a small (1-2 ounce or 15-30cc) pouch. The Lap-Band system moderately restricts the volume and type of foods the patient is able consume.

The Band delays emptying of the pouch and creates the sensation of satiety (fullness) that forces the patient to consume less calories. In the U.S., Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass are two of the most common weight loss surgeries.

Gastric Bypass

RNY Bypass

The RnY gastric bypass significantly restricts the volume of food that can be eaten and absorbs less of food nutrient by using two techniques: restrictive and malabsorptive.  This combination allows gastric bypass to provide high expected weight loss. The new stomach that is created is the restrictive component, while the malabsorptive technique is the rerouting of the small intestines.

Small pouch (about 1 ounce/20-30 cc) is created by stapling off a new stoma. Pouch is connected to the small intestine where food and digestive juices are separated for the first 3 to 5 feet. Mini bypass surgery is similar to gastric bypass with one anastomasis.

Duodenal Switch Surgery

Duodenal Sswitch

Duodenal Switch is a procedure reserved for only morbidly obese patients. Duodenal Switch provides higher expected weight loss than even gastric bypass surgery, patients can lose between 60-80% of their excess weight compared with 50-75% for the gastric bypass.

Duodenal Switch is a procedure which combines malabsorptive and restrictive properties, which provides patients will the best possible chance to lose weight. Duodenal Switch is a complicated surgery, review our guide to this powerful surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Plication

Gastric Sleeve Plication or Sleeve Plication is an experimental procedure. Sleeve Plication is a procedure that can produce comparable expected weight loss to other bariatric surgeries, especially sleeve plication. Gastric Sleeve Plication is a procedure that is reversible, it uses sutures to reduce the capacity of the stomach, thus producing a feeling of fullness sooner.

Gastric Plication is not getting good  reviews and results. It is quickly becoming an obsolete procedure, like gastric banding.

Revision Surgery

Revision surgeries are more risky and costly, but having revision surgeries done in Mexico can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Some bariatric surgeons are reluctant to perform revision surgeries on patients because of the high potential complication rate. That is why it’s important to hire a competent bariatric surgeon.

Various revision bariatric surgeries including the Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve revision surgery. Learn about the various pros and cons of weight loss surgery revision by contacting our staff today.

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